The Rise of Cryptocurrency Gaming!

Need an extra income without the cumbersome factor of working 9 hours a day? Lo' and behold! NFT Gaming is here.

It's the new trend when it comes to "Play and Earn". Gone are the days when you have to sell in-game loots to other people. Here are some of the NFT Games that you can play to earn.....

Axie Infinity

Publisher: Sky Mavis
Axie 2.jfif

One of the most famous NFT game out there is this bad ass game, Axie Infinity.

Don't let the cute graphics fool you as this game is a mix of Pokemon and Yugi-Oh, blended in a turn-based strategy game.

You play it to earn SLP and AXS, which are the cryptocurrency of this game.


The game looks quite nice with its graphics, which appeals to a wider range of audiences.


It also has a ranking system via seasonal tournaments which allows you to earn SLP and AXS. Finally, there's also the daily quests and adventure for more SLP for those who are fond of daily grinding methods.


You have to own 3 Axies (those cute monsters) to play the game, and Axies don't come in cheap. A purchase needs to be made from their online Marketplace, and prices vary from one Axie monster to another. This means, you have to invest money on this game before you can play it.


Publisher: Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.
Jobtribes 1.png

A rising star in the cryptocurrency gaming, Jobtribes offer an NFT based Collectible Art/ Card Game wherein  you get to battle with fellow players to earn in-game coins, and trade it for DEAPcoins

It also comes with a story mode where you can also earn in-game currency and materials, which you can then use to summon more powerful characters/amulets.

DEAPcoin value kept on rising steadily so it's a play-to-earn game that you should watch out for.

Mir 4

Publisher: Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.

One of the most sought after cryptocurrency game today! Mir 4 is a blend of pay-to-earn and RPG gaming.  

Hardcore MMORPG players will find this game to be easy in the eyes. It boasts of splendidi graphics and engaging gameplay. You'll also go against other players so strengthening your character first is a must. 

You can farm Dark Steel as its in-game currency, and can be exchanged for its cyrptocurrency called DRACO. 

There are a lot more pplay-to-earn games out in the market today. I'll add more information about them in the coming days ahead.